from jennifer at gallery 44:
>1. Describe what happened when you first met the new Amy/Michael:

Michael arrived at Gallery 44 and said "Amy... is Sara in?" I, being used to being referred to as Amy, thought he thought I was Amy. I decided not to go into the whole explanation - and simply answered the "Is Sara in?" question. It wasn't until he started walking away that I began to recognize Amy's hand bag and scarf. At that point I clued in on the whole situation and called out a couple of Amy appropriate questions.

>2. Did you know in advance about the exchange, and if so what kind of
>expectations did you have?

I knew about the exchange in advance and my expectations were that I was going to meet a wacky, outgoing male version of Amy. I figured in order to participate in this project you would need a very carefree fun loving attitude and be able to roll with the punches!

>3. What kind of interactions did you have with Amy/Michael, and in what

All of my interactions revolved around Gallery 44 events and individuals. Our meetings were fairly brief.

>4. How did this interaction make you feel?

I felt the need to make Michael feel comfortable. He had a continuos look of confusion on his face and I was never sure if it was due to the bizarre situation he found himself in or general awkwardness.

>5. How do you think this interaction made him/her feel?

I'm not sure. I found it very difficult to read Michael - which was probably due to the fact that he was trying to be Amy.

>6. How do you think other people reacted to his/her presence?

I think everyone enjoyed being part of the project. I guess it helps that I am surrounded by artists!

>8. What did the exchange make you think about, either at the time, and/or
>now two months later ?

The exchange made me appreciate having Amy (the real one) around.

>10. How did gender play out?

It was a bit strange, but more strange was trying to speak to someone you don't know as if you had a past with them.


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