from my brother:

1. Describe what happened when you first met the new Amy/Michael: i felt very uncomfortable. We talked in the doorway of his/your house. It was raining and I kept things brief. I made a point of standing away from the door to avoid a hug.

2. Did you know in advance about the exchange, and if so what kind of expectations did you have? Yes, I did know. I had no idea what to expect. I had panic attacks when I knew I had to meet the new Amy. It was such a foreign idea.

3. What kind of interactions did you have with Amy/Michael, and in what context? I met with the new Amy only once for about 5 minutes. It was all I could handle.

4. How did this interaction make you feel? Uncomfortable.

5. How do you think this interaction made him/her feel? He seemed confident in his role.

6. How do you think other people reacted to his/her presence? From what I know, my father was strange but my mom got pretty into it.

8. What did the exchange make you think about, either at the time, and/or now two months later ? I loved the idea.... I just wish that it happened to someone else.

sorry about these answers amy... i don't even like talking about it. I can't find many good/interesting things to say about it. I think it's cool that you did it but I can't find a lot of good qualities in the project. I feel like anything I type is bullshit so I'm just gonna cut my losses and not waste your time.



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