It was important to document this process in some manner. The most penetrable area of Michael's life was his recently completed Guide - an extensive online document created to help coach me in all areas of being Michael. I did my best to attempt to imitate his suggested body language, daily habits and rituals, and to fulfill his roles and responsibilities. But I was never going to be a tall, red-headed male. Seeing my supposed self (as Michael) described in the guide as having painful wrist problems, being Jewish, being over six feet tall... these things would not ever be me, no matter how much I 'pretended.'

So I 'hacked' into Michael's Guide and started making a few changes: a few textual changes here, a few image changes there... the results were limited but felt satisfactory on some level. I confused matters by emailing 'Amy' in Toronto, informing her that the guide had been altered, and that things were becoming confused in the days leading up to our Exchange (which was, of course, already happening, but I played it as though 'Amy were coming to L.A. to do her exchange with me, as opposed to it being the end of our exchange when Michael actually flew back).





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