Curt LeMieux and Lauren Hartman the decided to find ways to exchange their emotional and psychological lives. They lived together, made sketches, talked endlessly, created a answered written questions for each other and generally tried to learn more about each other. Lauren wore Curt's clothes, took on his energy and many of his habits and began to try to do things like him: draw, eat, walk, and so on. Various life issues made it difficult for Curt to continue on the project, so, in order to find another way of working, they created a separate personality.

They developed a biography of Stephen Dietz, making additional stream of consciousness drawings to illustrate the emotional and other aspects of his life. Lauren began to embody Stephen, who began as someone interested in the sciences but who quickly emerged as one struggling to determine a spiritual path. Curt roomed with Stephen. They had what might be called a harmonious but distant relationship, as they are most unlike. Stephen is withdrawn, thoughtful, alternately exceedingly calm and deeply troubled while Curt tends to a more jovial, even disposition. Steven will come and go in Lauren for as long as he likes. Although Steven tends toward the male, he is neither male nor female. He is a kind of a neutral being in whom questions can be raised.

The project began in April-May 2002 with an early, lesser formed version of Stephen and continues through July, the time of this writing. Documentation is sparse because of Steve's resistance to it and his uneasiness with the project in general. if


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