from hyla:

1. Describe what happened when you first met the new Amy/Michael:
I felt as though they were playing a joke on me.

2. Did you know in advance about the exchange, and if so what kind of expectations did you have?
Did not know in advance (see #1)

3. What kind of interactions did you have with Amy/Michael, and in what
I just kept asking him who he really was. Then I saw him again at Gallery 44 and we chatted about what h/she/you(?) work and the piece he put in the G44 fundraiser and his school stuff and what you were in doing in LA.

4. How did this interaction make you feel?
just regular small talk. nice person.

5. How do you think this interaction made him/her feel?

6. How do you think other people reacted to his/her presence?
probably not as freaked out as me (I desperately need things to make sense to me!)

7. How do you think Amy/Michael reacted to his/her exchange, and how do you
think this reaction might be indicative of Amy/Michael's 'real'
personality, adopted personalities, the environment, or some combination? he seemed quite relaxed with it all. of course the second time I knew the story so it was easier for me to chat with him/you.

8. What did the exchange make you think about, either at the time, and/or
now two months later ?
I think it took a lot of confidence to do something like that and that I could never do it!


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